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29 Nov 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchJeremiah 17:19-27The Badge & Shield of the Sabboth
22 Nov 2015Sun PMThomas ChurchDeuteronomy 1:19-36Don't Grumble - Give Thanks!
22 Nov 2015Sun AMMatthew ColeJames 1:22-25Doers of the Word
15 Nov 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchJerimiah 7Tearing Down Temples
8 Nov 2015Sun PMMatthew ColeGenesis 48The Family of God
8 Nov 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchJeremiah 36Bible Burning
1 Nov 2015Sun PMThomas ChurchMicah 6:9Listening to the Rod
1 Nov 2015Sun AMMatthew ColeJames 1:19-22Hearing and Receiving the Word
25 Oct 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 2:42-47The Communion of Saints
18 Oct 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 78:1-39Can God Prepare a Table in the Wilderness?
11 Oct 2015Sun AMJohn Shaw1 Timothy 3:14-16Pillar and Ground of the Truth
4 Oct 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchEphesians 5:22-23The Holy Catholic Church
27 Sep 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:23-27High Calling
20 Sep 2015Sun AMSteve McDanielActs 2:14-41Peter's Sermon
13 Sep 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchRomans 8:1-17I Believe in God the Holy Spirit
6 Sep 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 25:31-46The Judgement
30 Aug 2015Sun PMMatthew ColeGenesis 43Mercy and Peace
30 Aug 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchEcclesiastes 1:1-11All is Vanity
23 Aug 2015Sun AMSteve McDanielActs 2:1-13Wind, Fire, Words
16 Aug 2015Sun PMThomas ChurchPsalm 125:1-2The Church on the Way
16 Aug 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 1:9The Ascension
9 Aug 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 2:13-22Resurrection Authority
2 Aug 2015Sun PMMatthew ColeGenesis 42Repentance and Reconciliation
2 Aug 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 26:39The Cup of Suffering
26 Jul 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 1:26-38I Beleive in the Virgin Birth
19 Jul 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 16:15-17Blessed Knowledge
12 Jul 2015Sun AMMatthew ColeJames 2:1-13The Sin of Partiality
5 Jul 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:32The Testimoney of Nineveh
28 Jun 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 1:1The Maker of Heaven and Earth
21 Jun 2015Sun AMThomas Church2 Samuel 14; Matthew 6:9I Beleive in God The Father Almighty
14 Jun 2015Sun AMMatthew ColeJames 3:1-12Taming the Tongue
7 Jun 2015Sun AMThomas Church2 Timothy 3:14-17I Beleive iIn...The Bible
31 May 2015Sun PMThomas ChurchProverbs 28:26The Dungeon of Doubt and Desapir
24 May 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 18:18-30The Astonishing Facts of Life
17 May 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 18:1-8Consistant Prayer
10 May 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 17:20-37The Coming of the Kingdom
3 May 2015Sun AMMatthew ColePhilemon 1-25Free Slaves in Christ
26 Apr 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 17:1-6Offences, Forgiveness, and Faith
19 Apr 2015Sun PMThomas ChurchProverbs 27:20 John 7:37-38Satisfaction
19 Apr 2015Sun AMMatthew Cole1 Corinthians 1:18-31United Through the Wisdom of God
12 Apr 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 78:1-8Truth or Consequences
5 Apr 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 20:1-18No Place for Weeping
29 Mar 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 6:1-18 & 1 Peter 1:13-25The Discipline of Holiness
22 Mar 2015Sun AMMatthew ColeJames 1:13-18Overcoming Temptation
15 Mar 2015Sun PMMatthew Cole1 Thessalonians 5:16-28Worship and the Future
15 Mar 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 6:1-11The Discipline of the Christian Sabbath
8 Mar 2015Sun AMThomas Church Corinthinians 8:1-15;9:6-15Sacrificial Giving
22 Feb 2015Sun PMMatthew Cole1 Thessalonians 5:1-11Making Preparations
22 Feb 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 62:6-7Restless Prayer
15 Feb 2015Sun AMThomas Church1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11The Resurrection
8 Feb 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 18:1-14Little Onest to Him Belong
1 Feb 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 16:19-31The Intermediate State
25 Jan 2015Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 13:1-17Jesus Shows Love in the Upper Room
25 Jan 2015Sun AMMatthew ColeMatthew 5:21-22Cherishing Life
18 Jan 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 2:16-17The First and Second Death
11 Jan 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 16:1-13Jesus Tells A Hard Story
4 Jan 2015Sun PMMatthew Cole1Thessalonians 3:6-13Faith, Love and Holiness
4 Jan 2015Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 14:25-35All Or Nothing
28 Dec 2014Sun PMMatthew Cole1 Thessalonians 2:17 - 3:3The Church and Tribulation
21 Dec 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 40:9-11The Proclomation of the Good News
14 Dec 2014Sun PMMatthew Cole1 Thessalonians 2:13-16The Gospel and Suffering
14 Dec 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 40:6-8What Stands Forever
7 Dec 2014Sun PMMatthew ColeI Thessalonians 2:7-12Marks of True Gospel Ministry
7 Dec 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 40:3-5Preparation
30 Nov 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 40:1-2War and Peace
23 Nov 2014Sun AMMatthew ColeGeneses 23;Hebrews 11:8-16A Purchased Promise
16 Nov 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 14:7-24Kingdom Etiquette
9 Nov 2014Sun PMMatthew Cole1 Thessalonian 1:4-10Thessalonian Church Growth
9 Nov 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 13:31-35Our Lord's Lament
2 Nov 2014Sun AMMatthew Cole1 Thessalonians 1:1-3Marks of an End-Times Church
19 Oct 2014Sun PMAjalon ChurchPhilipians 3:17-21What does it look like to be a Christian?
19 Oct 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 13:22-30Gospel Themes
12 Oct 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 13:20-21The Nature of the Kingdom
5 Oct 2014Sun PMThomas ChurchProverbs 17:27Speaking with Words of Restraint
5 Oct 2014Sun AMMatthew Cole1 Samuel 5The One True God
28 Sep 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 10:13-17Spiritual Warfare
21 Sep 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 13:1-8Repentance All Around
14 Sep 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 12:49-59Divided by Fire
7 Sep 2014Sun PMThomas ChurchLuke 22:1-13Preparing for the Supper
7 Sep 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLukev12:35-48Serving, Ready & Rewarded
31 Aug 2014Sun PMSteve McDaniel3 John 5-8Brothers, Strangers
31 Aug 2014Sun AMMatthew ColeExodus 5Suffering to Glory
24 Aug 2014Sun AMSteve McDanielTitus 2:11-14Two Appearings
17 Aug 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 12:1-3How To Run The Race
10 Aug 2014Sun PMMatthew ColeJohn 3:14-18For God So Loved The World
10 Aug 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 11:22Leaving a Legacy of Faith
3 Aug 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 11:31Rehab and the Remarkable Patience of God
27 Jul 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 11:23-28The Couregeous Choice of Faith
20 Jul 2014Sun PMSteve McDaniel3 John 1-4Leading and Loving Well
20 Jul 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 11:17-19Faith on Mt. Moriah
13 Jul 2014Sun PMAjalon ChurchRomans 6:20-23Which Side Are You On?
13 Jul 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 11:11-12The Amazing Grace of Sarah's Faith
29 Jun 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 11:7How Noah Saved His Family
1 Jun 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 17:1-7How Israel Got Water From the Rock
25 May 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielActs 2:37-41On Baptism
25 May 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 30:18The God Who Waits
18 May 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 10:19-39But Will He Find Faith on Earth?
11 May 2014Sun AMSteve McDanielLuke 1:39-45Two Mothers
4 May 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielTitus 2:3-5Older Women
27 Apr 2014Sun AMThomas Church1 Samuel 10:1,25-27Raising Men of Valor
20 Apr 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 10:34-43The Cursed Tree, the Empty Grave and the Throne
6 Apr 2014Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 4:1-5Telling it Like it is
6 Apr 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchDeuteronomy 5:12-15Why We Should Love the Lord's DAy
30 Mar 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielTitus 2:1-2Older Men
30 Mar 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchRevelation 7:10What Have They Got?
23 Mar 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielTitus 1:10-16Cretans
23 Mar 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 12:1-2Fearing God - Loving God
16 Mar 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielTitus 1:5-9Qualifications for Elders
16 Mar 2014Sun AMThomas Church1 Samuel 4:1-11The Perils of Faithless Presumption
2 Mar 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 12:22-34Throwing Off Anxiety
23 Feb 2014Sun AMSteve McDanielGenesis 11The Tower of Babel
16 Feb 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielGenesis 9-10Foundations: Noah's Curse
16 Feb 2014Sun AMThomas Church1 Corinthians 3:10-15Building Instructions
9 Feb 2014Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 4:6-16The Good Servant
9 Feb 2014Sun AMThomas Church1 John2:5-17How We Love the World and Why We Shouldn't
2 Feb 2014Sun PMAjalon ChurchPsalm 90:1God is our Dwelling Place
2 Feb 2014Sun AMDavid HarrRomans 12 1:2The Therefore of the Christian Life
26 Jan 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielGenesis 9The Noahic Covenant
26 Jan 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:33-36Got Light
19 Jan 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielCollosians 3:1-11New Year Inventory
19 Jan 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchProverbs 24:10-14Shall The Church Stand Up?
12 Jan 2014Sun PMSteve McDanielGenesis 8Foundations: The Flood Recedes
12 Jan 2014Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:27-28Blessings of Faith
5 Jan 2014Sun PMThomas ChurchExodus 7:14-24What Happened at the Water's Edge
5 Jan 2014Sun AMSteve McDanielGenesis 7Foundations: The Flood
29 Dec 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielMatthew 2:1-12Jesus' Mission
22 Dec 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchPsalm 130An Advent Psalm
22 Dec 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchRevelation 22:14-17The Bright & Morning Star
15 Dec 2013Sun AMThomas Church1 Corinthians 6:9-10And Such Were Some of You
8 Dec 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 17:11-19Full Saving Faith
1 Dec 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 2:15-25The Foundations of the Family: Biblical Marriage
24 Nov 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielGenesis 5Foundations: Adam's Legacy
17 Nov 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 2:4-25Foundations of the Family: Biblical Womanhood
10 Nov 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielGenesis 3:14-24Foundations: The Curse
10 Nov 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 2:4-25The Foundation of the Family:Biblical Manhood
3 Nov 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielGenesis 3Foundations: The Root of All Evil
3 Nov 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 33The Frog in the Pot
27 Oct 2013Sun AMDavid HarrRomans 10:14-21The Good News Proclaimed
20 Oct 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielGenesis 2:4-25Foundations: Dust and Spirit
20 Oct 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 14:15-31The Best Promise Ever
13 Oct 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchLuke 11:20The Finger of God
13 Oct 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielGenesis 1Foundations:In the Begining
6 Oct 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielJude 24-25Jude's Doxology
6 Oct 2013Sun AMThomas Church1 Samuel 7The Landmarks of Life
22 Sep 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielJude 17-23Life in this World
8 Sep 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielJude 13-16Judgement and Clarity
8 Sep 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:14-26A Question of Standing
1 Sep 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:5-13Shamelessly Praying With Power
25 Aug 2013Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 3:4-16Why
18 Aug 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielJude 5-7Cautionary Tales
18 Aug 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 10:38-42The Challenge of Discernment
11 Aug 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 10:25-37The Good Samaritan
4 Aug 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielJude 3-4Contend!
4 Aug 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 10:1-24The Master of Missions
28 Jul 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:57-62Following Jesus to Jerusalem
21 Jul 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:49-56Our Religios Relations
14 Jul 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchJonah 1:1-6Conflict with Sin
14 Jul 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielJude 1-2Family Portrait
30 Jun 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:28-36Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration
16 Jun 2013Sun PMThomas Church1 Peter 4:7-11A Focused Life
16 Jun 2013Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Thessalonians 2:9-12Like a Father
9 Jun 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 16:6-15God Gets It All Right
2 Jun 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielPhilippians 3:17-21Older Brothers
2 Jun 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:-10-17The Bethsaida Lesson
26 May 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielMicah 7:1-7Feeling Despair
26 May 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:18-27Confessing Christ
19 May 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchPsalm 130The Pentitential Hope of Psalm 130
19 May 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:1-9Ambassador
12 May 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielMicah 6:9-16Cry to the City
12 May 2013Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Thessalonians 2:1-7Loving Like Mom
5 May 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 8:26-39Delivered!
28 Apr 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 8:16-21Revealing Secrets
21 Apr 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchJames 1:19-20Quick, Slow, Slow
14 Apr 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchActs 17:24-25The God We Need: Self-Existent
14 Apr 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielMicah 5:7-15Jesus' Rule
7 Apr 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 2:1-11Excellence in the "Whatever" Generation
31 Mar 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchMark 12:18-27Badly Mistaken
24 Mar 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 19:28-44Worshipping The Weeping King
17 Mar 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielExodus:20:1-3The Only God
17 Mar 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 8:4-15A Very Trying Sermon
10 Mar 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchMicah 4:9; 5:1Bad News
10 Mar 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 9:46-48The Children's Sermon
3 Mar 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchRomans 5:1,2The Blessings Of Your Justification
3 Mar 2013Sun AMSteve McDanielMicah 4:6-8The Lame and the Afflicted
24 Feb 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 46:1,2An Idol Burden
10 Feb 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchColossians 1:15-23Poisoned By Self Pity
3 Feb 2013Sun PMThomas Church1 Kings 19:1-9A Miraculous Meal
27 Jan 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielMicah 1:8-16The Rising Tide
27 Jan 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 7:11-17What Even The President Can't Do
20 Jan 2013Sun PMThomas ChurchProverbs 20:5Asking Questions
13 Jan 2013Sun PMSteve McDanielMica 1:2-7The Hero Fails
13 Jan 2013Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 7:1-10The Greatest Miracle?
6 Jan 2013Sun AMThomas Church2 Peter 3:1-18Two Things for 2013
23 Dec 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielLuke 1:26-38Chalcedon
23 Dec 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 2 :19Trusting & Pondering With Mary
16 Dec 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 2:18Rachel Weeps Again
9 Dec 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchPsalm 33Arguments For Worship
25 Nov 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchJudges 16:4-22Ambushed from Within
25 Nov 2012Sun AMSteve McDanielTitus 1:5-9 Choosing Elders
18 Nov 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 6:12-15How God Chooses Leaders
11 Nov 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchHebrews 13:8God Unchanging
4 Nov 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchJonah 3Grace in Action
4 Nov 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 6:37-49More Marks of a Disciple
28 Oct 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 6:27-36Disciples Part II
21 Oct 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 6:17-26Discipleship
14 Oct 2012Sun AMSteve McDanielJonah 1Where Are You Going Jonah?
7 Oct 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 6:1-11The Importance of the Sabbath
30 Sep 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 6:21-24Peace and Grance
30 Sep 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 5:33-39Jesus People
23 Sep 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 6:6-1-Here I Stand
23 Sep 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMathew 9:9-13Two Religions
16 Sep 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchPsalm 32Strands of Grace and Mercy
16 Sep 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 5:17-26Forgiveness, Faith & Determination
9 Sep 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 5:12-16The Hands of Christ
26 Aug 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchEphesians 6:1-13An Enemy To Stand Against
19 Aug 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 5:1-11What Disciples Do
12 Aug 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielJohn 14:1-14Jesus' Goodbye
12 Aug 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 4:31-44What Authority?!
5 Aug 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 6:5-9Serving Jesus
5 Aug 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 4:14-30Gospel Collision
29 Jul 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 4:1-13A Matter of Trust
22 Jul 2012Sun AMSteve McDanielEphesians 6:1-4Parents & Childern
15 Jul 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 5:25-33Love Your Wives
8 Jul 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 5:22-24Your Own Husbands
8 Jul 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 3:13-17Jesus Appears As Savior & Son
24 Jun 2012Sun AMSteve McDanielEphesians 5:21Reverence for Christ
17 Jun 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchEphesians 5:7-21Lightning Bugs
17 Jun 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 3:1-22What It Cost
3 Jun 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 5:1-6A Family Resemblance
3 Jun 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMark 10:46-52How Blind Eyes Are Opened
27 May 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielHebrews 12:18-24Visiting Heavan
27 May 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 10:21-29Darkness or Light
20 May 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchRevelation 11:15-19The Last Prayer
13 May 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 16:1-16What Every Mother Needs
6 May 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielEphesians 4:7-16King Jesus' Reign
6 May 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchEphesians 3:14-21Praying for the Power of Love
29 Apr 2012Sun PMSteve McDanielRomans 8:18-25The Coming Glory
22 Apr 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 5:44Blinded by the Flesh
15 Apr 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 17Jesus Prays
8 Apr 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 19:1-6; Acts 7:54-56The Christ of Two Crowns
1 Apr 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 6:13The Lord's Prayer (Part 3)
25 Mar 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 6:9-15The Lord's Prayer (Part 2)
18 Mar 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 6:1-10The Lord's Prayer (Part 1)
11 Mar 2012Sun PMThomas ChurchMark 1:35-39The Spirituality of the Church
4 Mar 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 90How To Get It Right In Life
19 Feb 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 18:16-33The Ministry of Intercessory Prayer
12 Feb 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 11:22, Genesis 50:22-26Leaving a Legacy of Faith
5 Feb 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 3:1-26Everyone's Second Chance
29 Jan 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 28:6-9The Opportunities and Temptations of Parents
22 Jan 2012Sun AMThomas ChurchRomans 5:20Abounding Grace
15 Jan 2012Sun PMThomas Church2 Samuel 23:13-17Reckless Love
8 Jan 2012Sun AMThomas Church1 Peter 1:3-12The Measure of our Salvation
25 Dec 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 1:43-51Stumbling Over Nazareth
18 Dec 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchIsaiah 42:1-4God's Servant
11 Dec 2011Sun PMThomas ChurchLuke 1:13-17The Continued Ministry of Elijah
11 Dec 2011Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Kings 19:1-18The Still Small Voice
4 Dec 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 33: 18Moses and the Glory of God
27 Nov 2011Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 8:31-59Celebrating With Abraham
20 Nov 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 24:22-27A Divine Opportunity
13 Nov 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 4:10-12Blessed are the Persecuted
23 Oct 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 4:10-20Giving & Receiving In A Culture Of Discontent
16 Oct 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 4:1-9Choosing Peace
9 Oct 2011Sun AMSteve McDanielJohn 20Mary And Thomas
2 Oct 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 3:10-4:1Pressing On To Perfection
25 Sep 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 3:1-11What Is Your Confidence?
18 Sep 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 2:19-30What Jesus Need
11 Sep 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 36God Is Our Refuge
21 Aug 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 2:14-18Dedicated Light - Part II
14 Aug 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 2:12-18Dedicated Light
7 Aug 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 2:1-11 & John 13:1-20The Example For Us All
31 Jul 2011Sun PMThomas ChurchPsalm 45:1-7Are You A Weapon For Christ?
31 Jul 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 3:1-15The Presuppositions of a Religious Unbeliever
3 Jul 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMathew 12:38-42The Sign of Jonah
26 Jun 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 2:1-4Coming Together
19 Jun 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 1:12-30How Paul Sees It
12 Jun 2011Sun AMSteve McDanielEphesians 1:7-10The Work Jesus
5 Jun 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 11:16-19The Friend of Sinners
29 May 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 10:25Bring Someone To Church
22 May 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPhilippians 1:1-11The Parnership and the Prayer
15 May 2011Sun PMThomas Church1 Kings 17:1-16How Elijah Still Speaks To Us
15 May 2011Sun AMSteve McDanielEphesians 1:1-6The Father's Love
8 May 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 16What Happened at Philippi?
1 May 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 27:39-28:10Reading Providence
24 Apr 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 20:24-31Overcoming the Heart of Unbelief
17 Apr 2011Sun AMSteve McDanielRevelation 20:1-10The Millennium
10 Apr 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 25:31-46The Judgement
3 Apr 2011Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Corinthians 15:12-58The General Resurrection
27 Mar 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 24:29-51The Second Coming
20 Mar 2011Sun AMSteve McDaniel2 Corinthians 5:1-10Always of Good Courage:The Intermediate State
13 Mar 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 24:1-28What Shall Be The Signs Of His Coming?
6 Mar 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchRevelation 21:1-4Where We Are Going
20 Feb 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMalachi 1:1-5Disputing God's Love
13 Feb 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMalachi 2:10-16The Covenant Family
6 Feb 2011Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 12:1-8The Extravagant Celebration
6 Feb 2011Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 6:1-2Under the Yoke
30 Jan 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchMatthew 18:21-35The Duties of Forgiveness
23 Jan 2011Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 5:3-16Widows
23 Jan 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 7:36-50Forgiveness: Who Get’s It?
16 Jan 2011Sun PMSteve McDanielColossians 3:12-17New Year's Inventory II
16 Jan 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 32, & 1John 1:8-9The Necessity of Forgiveness
9 Jan 2011Sun AMSteve McDanielColosians 3:1-17New Year's Inventory
2 Jan 2011Sun PMThomas ChurchEphesians 5:1-21Living a Life of Love
2 Jan 2011Sun AMThomas ChurchGalatians 2:19-20Why Shouldn't I Get What I Want for Christmas!
26 Dec 2010Sun AMSteve McDanielMatthew 2:1-12From the East
19 Dec 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchMicah 5:2-5A Child is Born in Bethlehem
12 Dec 2010Sun PMSteve McDanielMatthew 1:18-25Advent - Jesus' Birth
5 Dec 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchRomans 14:17Gluttony
28 Nov 2010Sun PMSteve McDanielPsalm 126Thanksgiving Leftovers
28 Nov 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchDeuteronomy 34:5-6The Loving Hand of God
21 Nov 2010Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 5:1-2We Are Family
21 Nov 2010Sun AMThomas Church1 Thessalonians 4:1-8The Seven Deadly Sins:Lust
14 Nov 2010Sun AMSteve McDanielRomans 5:1-5Peace With God
24 Oct 2010Sun AMThomas Church2 ChroniclesPride
17 Oct 2010Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 4:1-5Only Jesus
17 Oct 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchHebrews 5:11-6:12Spiritual Sloth
10 Oct 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 12:13-21The Greedy Fool
3 Oct 2010Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 3:14-16Our House
3 Oct 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 34:1-31Angry Enough To Die
26 Sep 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 20Holding Loved Ones In Faith
12 Sep 2010Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Peter 1:1-9Abraham and Us
29 Aug 2010Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 2:8-10Churchly Decorum
22 Aug 2010Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 15:1-17Abide With Me
22 Aug 2010Sun AMThomas Church1 Corinthians 15:42-44The Triumph of Christ in the Resurrection of the Saints
15 Aug 2010Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 2:1-7Pray for All
15 Aug 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 19:41-44The Triumph of Christ in the Judgment of His Enemies
8 Aug 2010Sun PMSteve McDanielMatthew 7:7-11Expectant Prayer
8 Aug 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 37A Powerful Picture of Love
25 Jul 2010Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 1:20Discipline
18 Jul 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 16:4-15The Glorious Work of the Holy Spirit
11 Jul 2010Sun PMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 1:8-11Using the Law
11 Jul 2010Sun AMSteve McDaniel1 Timothy 1:1-7Aiming at Love
4 Jul 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 14:1-7A Place For You
27 Jun 2010Sun AMSteve McDanielMatthew 28:16-20Making Disciples
20 Jun 2010Sun PMThomas ChurchEcclesiastes 3:12The Right Attitude
13 Jun 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 8:20-9:19Family Foundations
6 Jun 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchMathew 13:45-46Find and Buy
30 May 2010Sun PMThomas ChurchActs 1:9The Ascension of Christ
30 May 2010Sun AMSteve McDanielColossians 1:1-14Making Room for Friends
16 May 2010Sun PMSteve McDanielProverbsA Vision for Friends
16 May 2010Sun AMThomas Church1 Samuel 23:15-18Famous Friends
9 May 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchHaggai 1:1-11It's Never the Right Time
25 Apr 2010Sun AMThomas Church1 Samuel 10:1, 25-27Raising Men of Valor
11 Apr 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 15:22-27Making The Bitter Sweet
4 Apr 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchActs 5:55-56What Stephen Saw
21 Mar 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 3:3Dust & Ashes: As Good As Dead..But Saved
14 Mar 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 3:19Dust & Ashes: The Futility of Fallen Life
28 Feb 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchGenesis 2:7Happy Dust and Ashes
21 Feb 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 16Sabbath Blessing
14 Feb 2010Sun PMThomas ChurchActs 4:1-22The Vindication of the Faith
14 Feb 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchEphesians 5:1-2A Valentines Day Sermon
31 Jan 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchRomans 3:21-26Atonement
24 Jan 2010Sun AMThomas Church2 Kings 3:27The Moab Incident
10 Jan 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 7:18-23The Five Gifts of Jesus:Miracles
3 Jan 2010Sun PMThomas ChurchAsking Guine Questions
3 Jan 2010Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 1:26-38The Five Gifts fo Jesus: The Virgin Birth
20 Dec 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 1:5-25A Listening Heart
13 Dec 2009Sun AMThomas Church1 Thessalonians 2:13The Five Gifts of Jesus
6 Dec 2009Sun AMThomas Church1 Peter 5Great Faithfulness - Part 2
29 Nov 2009Sun PMThomas ChurchGenesis 3:14-24The Covering
29 Nov 2009Sun AMThomas Church1 Peter 5Great Faithfulness - Part 1
22 Nov 2009Sun PMThomas ChurchJames 5:3Laying Up Treasure
15 Nov 2009Sun AMThomas Church1 Peter 3:13-4:19Great Suffering
8 Nov 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchI Peter 2:13-3:12A Great Submission
25 Oct 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 18:15-17Jesus and the Babes
18 Oct 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchJohn 2:1-11Everything New
11 Oct 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchI Peter 1:13-2:10A Great Challenge
4 Oct 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchI Peter 1:1-12A Great Hope
13 Sep 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchMal. 1:1-5Disputing God's Love
23 Aug 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchHeb 11:7Noah Witnessed to His Family
16 Aug 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchRomans 2How God Loves Me
9 Aug 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 18Love of Christ
2 Aug 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchRom. 8:31-39The Securing Love of God
26 Jul 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchGal. 4:4-7God's Parental Love
19 Jul 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchEph 1How He Loves Me
5 Jul 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchMatt. 5:7;9:13Two Religions
28 Jun 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 10-12Conclusion of Daniel
21 Jun 2009Sun AMThomas Church2 Samuel 18:24Fathers and Sons
14 Jun 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 9Daniel Prays
7 Jun 2009Sun PMThomas ChurchJohn 6Many No Longer Followed Jesus
31 May 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchPsalm 87The Praise of Zion
24 May 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 8The Unsealing of Daniel 8
17 May 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 8Two Hopeless People
10 May 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 7The Long View
3 May 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchGen 25The Lord's Supper
26 Apr 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 6The Faithful Finisher
12 Apr 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 24:13-fRoad to Emaus
5 Apr 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 23:32-fThe Cross
29 Mar 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchThe Choice
22 Mar 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchThe Crown
15 Mar 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchThe Colt
8 Mar 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchThe Curse
1 Mar 2009Sun PMThomas ChurchOther People's Sin
22 Feb 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 5Writing on the wall
15 Feb 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 4End of the Proud
8 Feb 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 3The Image of Gold
25 Jan 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchExodus 5Moses & Pharoh
11 Jan 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 2Who Is Wise & Wonderful?
4 Jan 2009Sun AMThomas ChurchDaniel 1Be Useful to God
22 Apr 2007Sun AMThomas ChurchProv 3:1-8Source of True Knowledge
1 Apr 2007Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:14-23Jesus, the True King
18 Mar 2007Sun AMThomas ChurchMark 15:1-32God's Name, God's Glory
11 Mar 2007Sun AMThomas ChurchLuke 11:1-2Why Pray?
4 Mar 2007Sun AMThomas ChurchI Cor 11:17The Lord's Supper

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